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You are now at the portfolio page. Here you can click on any gallery and it will bring you to that site. (Click on the name not the picture) There are galleries of horse shows and galleries of lessons at the barn. If you expect to have pictures on here but do not I apologize. Please do not take it personal and know I just haven't had the time to take pictures of you yet. I promise it will happen soon. If you know I have taken pictures of you but do not see them up then someone probably requested for the pictures to be private, or I haven't edited them yet. If you are interested in me taking your pictures I must know who you are and I need a schedule of when you will be showing *I don't take pictures of those in academy:  only one exception* Any pictures you see are allowed to go up on Social Media just please give me picture credit. If you enjoy these pictures you can  follow TJ PHOTOS on Instagram @tj_photography33 . If you find any inconvenience please contact me through text or direct message on Instagram thank you!

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